‘Ranked 23rd in the 2014 500 private enterprise in China and 7th in the 100 Service private enterprise in 2014’

It has secured the success in various fields such as real estates, culture, commercial, hotel, agriculture, investment, health and internet and became the well known private integrated enterprises globally, not just locally.
Suning Universal Co., Ltd under the Suning Universal in which major business is the estate development was listed on the stock exchange in 2005 and ranked at top 20 real estate business.
Suning Universal has decided to change the direction into the three main businesses such as ‘culture and sports, health and financial business’ in 2015. By investing 34.1 billion won to Redrover through Suning Universal Media which is a subsidiary company in 2016, it became the part of company.



HOONGMAN is the JV(joint Venture) established in 2015 with 33% of Redrover and 67% of Redrover

with capital of one hundred million Yuan(about 18 billion won), it is located in zi zhu digital creativity hub in Shanghai, China.
The purposes of business are animation production, movie production, video distribution, merchandising & licensing business and special video theatre such as 4D Movie Theater.
As the joint venture for the Korea-China cultural exchange and earnest Korea-China joint cultural business, it will make inroads into the huge market in China with Korean contents and cinema theater construction technical skills.
Since Shanghai HOONGMAN will push into the Chinese contents market that shows solid pipe line for the Korea-China cultural business exchange and rapid development more than 30% yearly, it is expected to expand outstanding Korean contents, manpower and technology exports.



Grow into the global animation studio with ‘The Nut Job‘, the animation jointly produced with Redrover in 2014

ToonBox Entertainment signed the joint partnership with Redrover in 2008 and become the world famous animation studio that produced global animation such as Bolts & Blip, Beet party, The Nut Job. Especially, since it has manpower resources from Dreamworks, PIXAR and Disney, it secures the Hollywood-quality crew with high quality animation production skills.
As it has jointly carried forward the global animation projects with Redrover such as The Nut Job2, cat pirates, The Nut Job3, it will become the major studio in Hollywood.



Global movie and animation lineup expansion through Warner Bros project

Gulfstream Pictures is the company where develops and plans the Hollywood movie and animation that Redrover와 Bindly Capital invested jointly.
Redrover has secured the priority right in investment for the works that Warner Bros and Gulfstream produced and CG and won contracts with VFX.
Gulfstream has carried forward more than 20 global animations and development planning for the actual image movies recently.


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