Redrover’s CI embodied the vision and will for ‘the best global media contents enterprise’ to take the lead in the content market by strengthen the global competitiveness with the independent research development. Red color represents the challenge, passion and adventurous thinking to pull ahead. And Rover color means the professionalism and soundness. Since it used Font that set soft line off to advantage, it tries to express the characteristic of the innovative company. The logo of Redrover is the fundamental element that delivers the visual image of Redrover. Under any circumstances, it cannot be transformed for the use.


Since the color is the element that people recognize first among the other graphic element and one of the company identities, it should follow the precise manual color manuscript in case of using REDROVER Red


R: 238, G: 49, B: 36
C: 1, M: 99, Y: 98, K: 0