The exhibition culture department has produced the high-tech contents as well as dealt with planning of Public Information Hall and 4D/special theatre design. And the purpose is to realize the digital complex culture space that leads the trend in immersive experience. The exhibition culture department has awarded contract for bidding in public and private enterprises that domestic, foreign and local government and the private enterprises place order respectively and performed service.
Besides, it has carried forward new business plan development, profit-making business, technology research development and patent application.
the exhibition culture department has taken charge of Public Information Hall (Suggestion, planning, design, construction for Exhibition Hall, Public Information Hall space), 4D theater (4D motion chair system design, 4D theater production and installment), special theater (special video system design and special theatre production and installment) and high-tech video(animation for exhibition and interactive contents planning production)


With the concept to crate the originality that visual and physical media as well as material/immaterial contents combined, it has developed the business for overall cultural industry.


Insight & Strategy